My HomeGoods Finds

Wow, what a fun day at HomeGoods. You know when you go and sometimes EVERYTHING is just
beautiful and perfect for your house? LOL  This was THAT day!  Look at all the fun things they had
today. I wish I could buy it all. Of course, I have nowhere to put it. So sad. :(

Let’s start with the furniture:
The nail heads, the crystals, the tufting. oh my! Love the detail and the soft colors.


I am looking for art for my long hallway. I love the colors here. I’m torn. I like the birch trees but I
like the ocean bay too. What do you think I should do?


This was my absolute favorite part of shopping. These colors brought me back to my
childhood. The light pink bathroom décor reminded me of something grandma would
have in her house. This Mason jar reminds me of my mom. She used to jar pickles and
jelly when I was growing up. The color is appropriate with the color of our kitchen in
the 70’s. I love all the retro stuff. :)  Do these bring back any memories for you as well?

How cute are these laundry baskets?  I had to share with you.

Last is some random décor I liked for Fall. Cute neutral pillows and this Fall
sign I wish I could put outside my front door. The LAKE sign would be cute
for the lake house too!

Tell me what you think and share your finds with me. I love to see what people
are discovering from all parts of the globe.



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