New Purse Poofs Bag Charms

Ok so I thought I would feel ridiculous hanging these on my purses at my age. I have to tell you, it’s a conversation piece and I say with confidence when someone asks ‘what is THAT!?’, it’s a purse poof or purse pom depending on the size for me. I love these just for that reason-I got your attention. LOL They come in different sizes and styles. I found these at Hallmark for only $10.95! Macy’s and Nordstrom carries MK ones for $38. Then of course there’s Fendi if you want to go real high fashion and spend $400. Umm, that’s ok. I like my faux fur colorful purse poofs. I still walk with my head high and can actually afford more colors buying the Hallmark ones. Haha What do you think? Should there be an age limit to sporting a Pom on your purse?



P.S. For any Trekkies out there I told my friend it was a Tribble. I think she wants one now. ?



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