Timeless Transparent Furniture

Clear or color? What would you put in your home? Depends on the room? The look you’re going for? I am really loving the glam look and clear transparent furniture is everywhere. It can be glass, acrylic, polycarbonate or Lucite. Modern or contemporary, even futuristic, this look can go in anyone’s home and not look out of place. In fact it’s so airy it lets you see more detail in the room. For instance a Lucite coffee table can let you see the detail of that expensive throw rug that is the focal point of the room. Acrylic bar stools let you see into the kitchen without blocking the view. It is also a great idea for small spaces: college dorms to that tiny NY apartment.


lucite coffee table

Lucite coffee table

lucite stools

Acrylic bar stools. You don’t even notice they are there.



Makes a great barcart too.

ZUO Modern $399

Clear globe lighting
Astor Modern Dining chairs $256 for 2

Astor Modern dining chairs-Love the blue!

Side Table $108

Side Table



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