DIY Glitter Acorns

I like Fall. I like things that sparkle. Ok, who am I kidding? I LOVE things that sparkle. Have you noticed a lot of the Fall décor has some glitter in it? I think it’s getting us ready for the sparkle and twinkling lights of Christmas. Shopping in the craft stores I noticed glittered acorns. How cute! I can do that, right? Here’s how to make your own and save some money in the process.
First the acorns!

My boss had a record number of acorns in his yard so I asked him to grab me a bag full. (here’s where it gets funny and
important to not skip the next step!) I left the bag open on my desk to air out since they were a little damp. After a few hours
I noticed something on my desk. White and mushy. Then I noticed a few more in the bag. OMG!! The acorns are sprouting
worms! EWWWW!
Next VERY Important step:
Rinse them good and put them on a cookie sheet and bake in the oven on 200 for 2-3 hours. I turned them after an hour to make sure they didn’t
burn. It will kill anything growing inside. Unfortunately, most of the caps will fall off. I will glue them on after I spray them.

img_1494     img_1427    img_1495

I threw some paper down on my deck and used this clear matte spray to give a nice coating to the acorns.
Once dry, you guessed it, the glue. It’s amazing how many different sizes the caps are to the acorns. It’s a
bit of a puzzle fitting them together. I was glad I didn’t have more acorns. I was done playing this game. LOL

   img_1545    img_1549    img_1551  img_1547

Once sprayed and glued, it’s time to get messy! :)  I used a quick dry tacky glue (recommended) and some Fall shades of glitter
I had in my craft stash. I also got some wax paper to lay the acorns on.You may be able to use the glue with the glitter already mixed in but I’m not sure how quick that dries. I found the glue I used dried fast enough that the acorns didn’t stick to the wax paper.

img_1552     img_1554      img_1555
So I just spread the glue on the caps or on the body of the acorn and sprinkled glitter over the glue. I did this over a paper plate so I could
catch the extra glitter and reuse it on the next one. (sorry I couldn’t get pics of this but I was full of glitter) Did I mention this was a little
messy? :)   Lay on the wax paper to dry.

VOILA! Glitter Acorns.

P.S. After they dried I sprayed another coat of the clear spray just to help set the glitter.





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