Traditional, Rustic, Shabby Chic or Glam Christmas?

Have you noticed that it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas already? I don’t mean in the stores, I mean my neighbor has lights on outside already and the other has a small Christmas tree in their window. It’s not even Thanksgiving!  Of course, my daughter has her décor out, all but the tree. That goes up at Thanksgiving, like me. I just can’t bring myself to put out any red, green or silver and gold yet. Although I’m guilty of playing carols at work to get me in a good mood. I’m not getting political here, but I think we all need a break from the news and the world as of late.
So with that said, how do you decorate?  Are you into a traditional Christmas?
Lots of reds and greens.

traditional    traditional-living-room-xmas traditional-lantern traditional-or-rustic-balls traditional-fireplace
Or the raw wood and natural greenery of a Rustic Christmas?

img_0312 rustic-tree-plaque rustic-table rustic-box rustic-porch rustic-bow rustic-barn-xmas rustic-1

Do you like a lot of sparkle and shimmer in your décor?  Then you might enjoy a GLAM Christmas.

glam-stockings glam-star glam-mantle-2 glam-apothecarieglam-pillows   glam-mantle
As you can see, you can go real sparkly or pretty tame but still Glam and gold and shiny.


What about Shabby Chic? Lacy, pink and vintage looking. Ooo La La  Very girly and pretty.

shabby-chic-christmas-decorations-ja3j1gbk shabby imagesmqsme8mx 146619-shabby-chic-christmas-wreath 144959-pink-shabby-chic-christmas-tree
My daughter is definitely traditional with a little rustic thrown in. She grew up with traditional and I see it in her house and her décor. I am traditional with a touch of glam. I get the love of sparkle from my mom even though we always had a traditional Christmas. Stay tuned for the next post. It will be our houses all decorated. Because it’s actually warm out today, I am going to put my Christmas lights outside and get ready for the outdoor décor.
What is your preference? Do you combine them or just stick to one certain style?

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