Modern Sunburst Mirrors


The sunburst mirror was named after Louis XIV, also known as the Sun King because of his love for the sun and its rays. Made popular in the 1920’s, then again in the 60’s, the mid century modern sunburst is making it’s comeback once again. We are seeing many different shapes and sizes, and in gold, silver and bronze. Some are being used as a focal point or an art piece. We are seeing them hanging from the living room, bedroom and even the bathroom.  Where would you hang your sunburst in your home?

sunburst-wayfair 497.50

Sunburst Mirror- Wayfair $497.50


Anthropologie knock off-homemade.

sunburst Target                                                           

Target-$89.99  I have this silver sunburst mirror as a focal point
behind my TV. I get lots of compliments on the retro look.
It doesn’t have to cost a lot to look great!


Circle gold sunburst mirror looks like
sunshine in this room.


I love this classic look. I want this as my room.


Beautiful chunky look.  Great statement piece
for a living room or hallway.





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3 thoughts on “Modern Sunburst Mirrors

  1. Wow I didn’t know that the sunburst mirror has a short story behind it. Love it! Thanks for sharing. I absolutely love the look on the 4th picture. It looks fun with different sizes and designs all putting together. I started to like the gold in the house. I used to think it’s kind of old color, but it gives a sense of elegance in the room. Do you know where are those three mirrors from?

    1. I’m with you! I thought the gold/brass was so dated and technically these sunburst mirrors are “old” décor but making such a comeback. Yes I absolutely LOVE the 4th picture. I will try to find out where to get those mirrors-they are stunning! I guess I was ahead of the trend. 7 years ago I bought a silver one from Target and it’s still in my living room. I get many comments on it.
      i’ll see what I can find for you. I may have to change over to a gold one (or 2, or 3) myself. :)

    2. Hi Young,
      I have found the fabulous mirror you were looking for. Unfortunately it’s $7,275! I found a used one for $5,000. hahaha It is a Thomas Pheasant constellation mirror. I had found the picture on an HGTV site. With a little digging I found the info.
      You can try the site for similar ones.
      Happy Decorating!

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