Old Cottage Charm



My husband’s family has a lake cottage that we frequent from May-October.  We are very fortunate that we live close by so I can always pop in after work to cook out and go for a boat ride and watch the sunset before heading home and preparing for work the next day. As I was helping open it up for the summer season I took a look around at things that I never really noticed before.  Like the floor in the main room.  Look at the pattern. This is such a hot pattern right now. You see it everywhere and on anything.  I even have it on my living room curtains and my shower curtain.  What’s old is new again. :)

In the kitchen is this old time Kellogg clock hanging above the sink.

Also above the sink is this vintage clock radio from 1958. It is AM only but it has an alarm. :)  My
mother-in-law got it for a wedding gift.


Something else my mother-in-law owned was this wood tennis racket. I think she said she
got it when she was 14. It would make it 65 years old. I bet you could still use it today unlike
the cheap things they make nowadays.

There are various kitchen tools hanging around too. Like this meat grinder and hand whisk. They used to buy
chunks of meat (roast, pork) and cut it up and grind it themselves. Notice the old Schrafft’s candy tin. You will
get that if you’re from the Boston area.  They were in the candy business from 1861-1981.


An old train lantern and tobacco tin adorn more shelves above the window. Perhaps they
used the tobacco with the pipes in the previous picture. (with the meat grinder)


There’s a phone from my husband’s grandma’s house. There is no dial or numbers on it. But there
is a phone number. We’re not sure if it was so old that you just picked up and talked to the operator
to get the number you wanted. It doesn’t look that old but how else did you call out?

And finally (not really, there’s more stuff in the cottage I didn’t shoot) there’s the
gold tufted headboard. Grandma had this made possibly in the 40’s and it was reupholstered
in 1961 by my mom-in-law. Wouldn’t this look fabulous with a gray wall behind it? ;)



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