The Loft Project

So I have been in my place for 7 1/2 years now and a lot of stuff I own came with me from my previous apartment. I had my own scrapbooking business at one point so needless to say, I had a ton of stuff that I never used. Then I kept adding to it.Read More

DIY Glitter Acorns

I like Fall. I like things that sparkle. Ok, who am I kidding? I LOVE things that sparkle. Have you noticed a lot of the Fall décor has some glitter in it? I think it’s getting us ready for the sparkle and twinkling lights of Christmas. Shopping in the craft stores I noticed glittered acorns.Read More

Fall Fashion Trends 2016

The magazines are out with this Fall’s trends and I am pretty happy that it is definitely something that anyone can wear. From shearling jackets to a muted pumpkin color on any piece, this year is my favorite.  Let’s start with suits, shall we? *Picture courtesy Glamour Back from the 80’s is the mini skirtRead More

DIY Bargain Lucite Tray

Ok, we all know how expensive Lucite can be. But it’s so pretty…*sigh. Well I have to say I can’t take the credit for this idea. Honestly I don’t remember where I saw it (probably Pinterest) but I had to share this easy hack to make a decorative tray you can use anywhere in theRead More