Patio Furniture Styles

So it’s almost time to sit out and enjoy the outdoors on a more permanent basis; at least here in the Northeast. It takes a little longer to warm up here. There are so many styles out there and different seating arrangements. Here are a few that are for sale on and Birch Lane.Read More

New Purse Poofs Bag Charms

Ok so I thought I would feel ridiculous hanging these on my purses at my age. I have to tell you, it’s a conversation piece and I say with confidence when someone asks ‘what is THAT!?’, it’s a purse poof or purse pom depending on the size for me. I love these just for thatRead More

Friday Find of the Week

I needed some retail therapy after a long week so my friend and I walked to TJ Maxx at lunch. There’s pros and cons of having it so close to work. LOL  Well! I found the best deal ever in my life! Look what I scored ?     Oh yes!! MK shoes. $96. On clearanceRead More

Modern Sunburst Mirrors

  The sunburst mirror was named after Louis XIV, also known as the Sun King because of his love for the sun and its rays. Made popular in the 1920’s, then again in the 60’s, the mid century modern sunburst is making it’s comeback once again. We are seeing many different shapes and sizes, and in gold, silver andRead More